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Who is Feral-Tours?
We are a group of people with experience in tourism acquired over the years in many different fields. We have a rich knowledge in receptive tourism and the chartering business as well as in guided tours. Our core business is offering different vacation solutions and taking the best care of our clients...

Daily Excursions: Adventure

RAFTING at river Zrmanja

Experience the beauty of river Zrmanja! After getting equipment and instructions by the skipper, you will be able to experience the 14.5-km long kayak trail. Depending on pace and physical fitness, the trip can last from 2,5 to 4 hours.  Our goal is that each and every one of you experience and enjoy the activity of your choice to the best of your…


Vrana Lake in Dalmatia is the largest lake in Croatia. It is a designated nature park (park prirode), a kind of protected area in Croatia. The dominant feature of the park is a special ornithological reserve, an almost untouched natural habitat of birds, a rare wetland systems, full of high biodiversity and an outstanding scientific and ecological value…

KAYAKING at Long Island

Long islad (Dugi otok) Not far from Zadar, discover the rugged, lush paradise of Long Island for one, two or three days. With white sands, sheer cliffs, secret bays, Long Island is the perfect destination to unwind and explore. Take a day for active vacation in nature. Paddle, swim, jump from cliffs, visit an anchating cave and explore wild unknow beaches…


Highlights: Live an unforgettable experience - your view over life will not be the same after this jump... Tandem skydiving will open your heart to new things.. Price package: 239 EUR per person Description: meeting at Zadar airport introduction to instructors and pre-jump safety briefing panoramic flight with view over Kornati islands and Velebit mountain…


Our tour starts at 9.15 am at Maslenica bridge. Every 10-20 minutes we will stop to look around and take pictures.  One of the stops is at the foothill of "Sveto brdo", where it might be possible to see wild horses which live in the area. Along the way, we reach the height of 1000m and the hill "Tulove grede". From here we will have an amazing…


The beauty of this 14-km long track captivates you at first sight Crystal clear water winds through a 200 m high canyon. The river created limestone waterfalls up to 11 meters high. The participants will get their equipment; neoprene suits, protective helmets, life jackets, and as for their personal equipment, it is necessary to have a bathing suit,…