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We are a group of people with experience in tourism acquired over the years in many different fields. We have a rich knowledge in receptive tourism and the chartering business as well as in guided tours. Our core business is offering different vacation solutions and taking the best care of our clients...


Novigrad Perfection

If you are looking for a day adventure that will satisfy all your senses then sea kayaking Novigrad by Zadar is the right choice for you. They start their day with sea kayaking instructions on the beach just in front of the hotel. After the introduction they embark their kayaks. The kayak expedition takes you into the Zrmanja River canyon.  No previous experience is needed for this sea kayaking Novigrad by Zadar adventure. Even children from 6 years of age, accompanied by parents, can participate. They use two-person sit-on-top kayaks which are easy and safe to navigate. You will get a life jacket and paddle, plus one dry bag per boat for your personal items. Don’t forget to bring shorts or a bathing suit, T-shirt, spare clothes, a towel, sun cream, water and picnic. In case of colder weather take a long-sleeved shirt.

Highlights: Nature Park Velebit, Zrmanja River canyon and Winetto locations

Activities: Sea kayaking, swimming

Season: April- October

Duration: 4-5 h

Transfer: on request

Meeting: 09:45 at Hotel Castrum Novum, Novigrad

Distance from: Zadar 35 km

  • Transfer on request

Included: Guide, necessary equipment, insurance


10:00 - arrival to destination – Novigrad (35 km from Zadar)
10:30 - preparing for the trip and safety briefing
11:00 - starting the trip
12:00 - swimming break at the mouth of the Zrmanja River
13:00 - picnic break on the beach
15:00 - finishing up the trip back in Novigrad
15:30 - optional refreshments
16:00 – departure



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