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Story of island Pag

Island Pag, it is often called "Island of Rock " or "Lunar Island" because its stone and kasrt surface. During this excursion, we are going to see a lot of amor of stone created by islanders to match the own territory, mostlyl for sheeps. The territory is full of medical plants on the karst - that's why the lamb of Pag has special flavor. Difference of Pag and other meat lambs occurs due to separation of young lambs from their mothers. While elsewhere the lamb is separated when it reaches a 30 pound, at Pag it is done much earlier due to the exploitation of sheep milk in the production of the famous cheese. At this tour, you'll have opportunity to taste the cheese in factory and hear the rest of the story.

Women of Pag created today's very valuable unique handicraft - LACE - independent decorative item, decoration for furniture, framed on the walls, carved or sewn into clothing, decoration sheets, pillows, curtains, tablecloths and as decoration on church vestments. Lace is today kept in gallery, and it's under the protection of UNESCO heritage.

Beside lace, salt is another "white gold" of the town of Pag. It always had an important role in the lives of locals, and we can speak of organized salt production that lasts for a thousand years. Salter of Pag belong with the oldest salter of the east Adriatic coast that have the most intensive salt production on the coast of Croatia. The traditional way of producing salt by natural evaporation was abandoned 25 years ago when the salt factory was built at the area of Svilno, 5 km south of the town of Pag which we are going to visit.

This are just one of the reasons to visit the island Pag, the rest is about to hear and see at the tour..


  • tradition of the island Pag (landsape, monuments,  folk costume of island)
  • history of producing the salt in factory
  • tasting of cheese in factory 
  • visiting the lace gallery
  • walking trought town (monuments, main square and church)
  • visiting benedictine monastery (tasting of local "baškotin) - special kind of bread


  • minimum 2 persons attending
  • private excursion in air-conditioning transfer
  • guide speaking english, italian, french, spanish
  • entrance fees
  • DURATION: 6 hours
  • pick-up in front of the office (optional pick-up on request)
  • tailor made excursion



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